Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance and You

In Great Britain, there are one or two things that we take for granted, one of course is the weather, and consequently, like most northern Europeans, our right to travel abroad for the sun.

Another aspect in this country is of course, the NHS. The eternal matron in the wings for Britons, there to catch us if we fall, however, that assurance stops at our shores.

Travelling to Europe, however does not mean total Continue reading “Travel Insurance”

Online Shopping Trips

Tips For Shopping Trips Online

The internet today has become entwined in everyone’s life, whether they realise it, want it, or even care about it. It is no longer a new-fangled novelty whizzing around through fibre optic cabling, operated by super geeks.

It is now part and parcel of almost everybody’s life, and this incredibly complex super high-technology is, for the most part, simply taken for granted.

Because its use has been developed at such a startling pace, it is easy enough for people in all walks of life to use, and they certainly have! Shopping on the internet is now worth hundreds of Continue reading “Online Shopping Trips”

Drug Driving and The Drugaliser

Saturday Night, Monday Morning

On a Saturday night there are many people who feel it’s the right time for a glass or two of the nation’s drug of choice, wine or beer, lager or spirits, alcohol is, for the most of western society, a pleasant and acceptable drink.

The description “drug” doesn’t come to mind in a trip to the pub, or a lively party, or just relaxing at home. You might have a unit or two more than the statutory guidelines, (whatever they may be at the time, they seem to change with the weather), but in a mostly Christian society, it is an acceptable norm.

Alcohol has been with us for a very long time and most know its limits and their limitations. After Saturday, almost everyone who imbibed then, will feel safe and responsible to drive on Continue reading “Drug Driving and The Drugaliser”

Web Design, SEO & Google Rankings

Does Web Design Impact Google Search Performance?

Yes…… not only is web design important, but it can be the make or break factor between good rankings and no rankings. Your web design is critical for several reasons; Firstly, your design is closely related to your site structure and to rank at the top of Google you need a site that is built to comply with Google best practice for elements including, mobile friendliness, load speed, W3C compliance, URL Canonicalisation. Secondly, your design will have a huge affect on Continue reading “Web Design, SEO & Google Rankings”

Timber Farming

Timber Farming in the UK

The producers of timber in the UK are reaping the rewards of the government’s investments from the ‘60’s and early ‘70’s.

Tax breaks and other incentives were offered to struggling smaller farmers throughout the country who were finding it difficult to make traditional agriculture pay its way.

Tree planting numbers peaked in the late ‘60’s, at over 60 million trees per year, almost all of which were softwood conifers for future harvesting.

That future is around now, and the UK timber industry currently employs tens of thousands of people, and has an annual value of Continue reading “Timber Farming”