Online Shopping Trips

Tips For Shopping Trips Online

The internet today has become entwined in everyone’s life, whether they realise it, want it, or even care about it. It is no longer a new-fangled novelty whizzing around through fibre optic cabling, operated by super geeks.

It is now part and parcel of almost everybody’s life, and this incredibly complex super high-technology is, for the most part, simply taken for granted.

Because its use has been developed at such a startling pace, it is easy enough for people in all walks of life to use, and they certainly have! Shopping on the internet is now worth hundreds of Continue reading “Online Shopping Trips”

Web Design, SEO & Google Rankings

Does Web Design Impact Google Search Performance?

Yes…… not only is web design important, but it can be the make or break factor between good rankings and no rankings. Your web design is critical for several reasons; Firstly, your design is closely related to your site structure and to rank at the top of Google you need a site that is built to comply with Google best practice for elements including, mobile friendliness, load speed, W3C compliance, URL Canonicalisation. Secondly, your design will have a huge affect on Continue reading “Web Design, SEO & Google Rankings”